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The Last of Us Remastered Torrent Download this single and multiplayer action & adventure video game. In 2013, a flare-up of a freak Cordyceps parasite assaults the United States, changing its human forms into powerful animals known as the Infected. In suburbia of Austin, Texas, Joel escapes the tumult with his sibling Tommy and little girl Sarah. As they escape, Sarah is shot by a fighter and bites the dust in Joel’s arms. After twenty years, development has been devastated by the disease. Survivors live in powerfully policed isolated zones, free settlements, and roaming gatherings. Joel fills in as a dealer with his accomplice Tess in the isolated zone in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts. 


  • The player can assault adversaries straightforwardly; they can likewise utilize covertness to assault undetected or sneak by them. 
  • Featured with a “Listen Mode” that permits the player to find adversaries through an increased feeling of hearing and spatial mindfulness.
  • The player can address straightforward riddles, like utilizing drifting beds to move Ellie.


  1. You need a PS4, running on Firmare 5.05 or higher.
  2. And “PS4 Exploit Host” installed in your computer.


  1. Format atleast 64GB USB on exFAT file system.
  2. Copy and paste .pkg file into your USB.
  3. Plug this USB into your PS4 Console.
  4. Go into PS4 ‘Settings’ => ‘User’s Guid’
  5. Exploit selection will appear, select one of the HEN exploit and start it.
  6. Then go to ‘Debug Settings’ => ‘Game’ => ‘Package Installer’ => and install .pkg file.
  7. Run the game & enjoy.

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