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Monster Hunter Rise Torrent Download is a single and multiplayer action role-playing video game. The game takes place in Kamura Village and the player assumes the role of a hunter,  as you are on the quest to kill deadly monsters with unique behaviour and deadly ferocity, capture some of them or leave them unable to combat while you are overcoming their attacks. Monster Hunter Rise offers new features and game mechanics to discover. Hunt the monsters by utilizing upgraded armors and unique weapons and bring peace to your village again.


  • Select weapons from a wide range that will be utilized to hunt the huge monsters with cruelness.
  • Get items to craft more weapons.
  • Progress through the game and complete quests to gain rewards.
  • Players can upgrade weapons and utilize them against the fierce monsters.
  • Explore the new maps and newly featured animals in the game, as you can ride a Palamute across the map and battleground.
  • Team up with up to four players in a multiplayer mission and achieve targets.

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