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Owlboy Torrent Download is a single player Platform and Adventure video game in the genre. It is a story-driven stage experience game, where you can fly and investigate a shiny new world in the mists! Get your companions, and carry them with you as you investigate the open skies. Defeat deterrents and more noteworthy adversaries, in perhaps the most itemized undertakings of this time. 


  • Otus battles satisfying the hopes of owl-hood. Things winding from terrible to more regrettable with the abrupt appearance of sky privateers.
  • An excursion beast plagued ruins, with unforeseen experiences, all around kept privileged insights, and weights nobody ought to need to bear.
  • Select Otus’ companions as heavy armament specialists to battle for you, each with exceptional capacities and stories.
  • Experience enormous prisons with large and testing supervisor fights.
  • Developed with exciting abilities and elements for the player to level up.
  • An adventurous experience 10 years in the making.

(File Size: 238 MB)
System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


    Intel Dual Core (1.6 GHz) / AMD equivalent


    1 GB


    512MB - NVIDIA GeForce 210 / 256MB - AMD Radeon X600


    600 MB

Torrent File
File Size
autorun.inf 54 B
data1.bin 14.5 MB
data2.bin 188 MB
data3.bin 17.7 MB
data4.bin 2.20 MB
Icon.ico 2.18 kB
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Redist\DirectX\APR2007_xinput_x86.cab 52.0 kB
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Redist\DirectX\Mar2009_d3dx9_41_x64.cab 1.88 MB
Redist\DirectX\Mar2009_d3dx9_41_x86.cab 1.53 MB
Redist\Net.exe 1.42 MB
Redist\XNAFX40.exe 5.94 MB
setup.exe 1.87 MB
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