Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Cure Pandirna

When playing an RPG game, we would often meet some NPCs that caught our eyes. There’s something special that differentiates it from the others. The same thing also goes for Baldur’s Gate 3.

On your journey, you’ll eventually meet Pandirna, a mysterious paralyze woman you’ll meet when taking the first steps in Druid Grove. You can find her in The Hollow, more specifically, in the storeroom. She will be found sitting, unable to move due to her illness.

Now, seeing her condition, some players do want to relieve her issue by curing her, as all diseases are supposedly treatable. However, what should we do to actually cure her? In this article, we will share with you some methods you can use. See more below!

Who Is Pandirna

Before we talk much further about how to cure her, it’s better if we know the character better. Pandirna has been sitting in The Hollow’s storeroom. She was supposedly having a task to protect the supplies of refugee camps. At this point of the story, you can only catch a glimpse of her, and no further interaction can be done.

However, you can get to know Pandirna by first entering the storage room. How? By opening the door by using a lockpick or a melee weapon to completely break the door. But, note that these actions are considered a crime, so you must be careful when doing either of them.

So, to avoid being caught by the guard, you can instead go to the left side pas the prisoners’ cells, drop down to the cave, and just run past the guardian statue. At this point, you can enter through the hole above the storeroom.

Inside, you can find Pandirna greeting you. She’ll be sitting at all times due to her illness which was obtained from Auntie Ethel’s potion side effects. Now, you can basically do anything at this point. You are basically given some options which are to kill, cure, or just talk to her.

If you’re pretty confident with your persuasive skills, you can convince that you’re actually in charge of the store room. You can also ask her to not raise the alarm. If she approves, you can just open any boxes or storage inside the room.

After opening the boxes, you can go outside and talk to some animals, if you do have the skill for it. The small rat will tell you about what’s something evil in a trunk located in the storeroom. Ask and follow the rat, and inside the box, you’ll find a cabinet key, which can be used later on.

Unfortunately, Pandirna is not a companion you can take anywhere. So if you wish to get more companies, you can also depend on some methods by connecting to one of VPN servers will encrypt and play the game online. On the main page, simply pick the multiplayer option and enter the lobby.

Curing Pandirna

Yes, you can cure Pandirna by using Shadowheart’s Lesser Restoration spell. If you cast this, she will thank you for your effort. She would later say that you shouldn’t be here. What’s saddening is that there’s no happy outcome you gain from it. She’ll get better, that’s certain, but you won’t get anything in return.

Nothing can be considered valuable in this storeroom, and if you insist on opening all the chests and packages, you can use Astarion’s Fog Cloud skill instead to open each of them without her knowing. You may start collecting what’s inside the cabinet.

As an alternative, you can progress the story further and have the storage room finally empty. That way, you can start collecting everything here, both valuable and not.

So, Is It Better to Cure or Kill Her?

Now as you already know who Pandirna actually is, what choice you will take, cure or kill her? Most players would often feel in a dilemma as there’s a woman in need right in front of them, but still question whether it’s okay or not to kill them.

Let us explain about the first option, to kill. Killing this NPC won’t actually bring anything harm to your gameplay. Nothing will basically happen. What would happen is that she would start screaming and notifying the guards nearby. Other than that, you should have no trouble in the future.

You can, however, kill here in a more secretive way by talking to Zorru outside and scaring him, then go inside to kill Pandirna. Once she screams, no one would come in, and that’s when you strike here. What you can loot from her corpse is the key to a storage you just broke, which basically rendered useless, and also her diary. You can read the diary to get those sentimental feelings, but otherwise, you can keep it in the inventory.

Another less interesting thing here is that this character is not tied in any way to other side quests. No other characters have mentioned her name. The second option is to cure her. What would you get from curing here? None. Instead of sitting, she will stand in her position and never let you take anything there. And yes, she will be there for eternity as she can’t join your companion or assist you in any way.

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